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    how can i completely erase/delete/uninstall any traces of flash ?


      i've had trouble installing flash player; it seems like forever, but it has only been < a year.  tried various version iterations. each installation has completely failed.  when it is "successful" it installs a process that consumes 50%+ of my cpu; it frequently freezes and locks my computer.  i avoided reading the enews because of those problems.  BOTTOM LINE:  i don't want flash player to remind me to update/install it again.  that means adobe has left something on my computer somewhere that will remind me periodically to install it.  I WANT TO UNINSTALL AND REMOVE ALL "DUST" OF FLASH FROM MY MACHINE.  i don't want that "thing" on my pc; i don't want adobe to analyze my drive to discover that i once had flash on my pc; i don't want adobe to remember that once i had flash on my computer.  (i have a similar problem with adobe reader which i still have installed and occasionally need and use (because i don't know what to replace it with.)  it too seems to freeze my pc, but eventually will load a document to the screen.  that takes 5+ minutes then works fine if i am just reading a document; it is more difficult or close to impossible if i am required to sign a document, or change/add information.  i usually avoid that by printing the document and ink in the information and send document via usps.


      i have windows XP-SP3, 32b

      i almost exclusively use firefox 40.0.2; internet explorer is on my pc but permanently deactivated to never start up automatically.  i think I.E. is 6.0.2, although it may be 6.2.xxx.  i have not activated internet explorer in months


      i don't know what else to tell you, but i want any cookies or .... whatever .... that tells me, reminds me, recommends, suggests that i install flash player to be removed. this annoying behavior is not limited to adobe.  other software, usually security-type, e.g., norton, mcaffe, avast, lastpass, etc.  that ploy doesn't not convince me that they have the better product.  if i uninstall XP then reinstall it that solves the problem, but it is getting harder and harder to do that and get service pack 3; sometimes a restore to previous configuration is a better, easier procedure


      please help me to rid my hd (UNINSTALL) of this little subterfuge