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    Adjacent closed paths


      I have a drawing with various shapes I've created using the pen tool to create closed paths.  These areas are amorphous and in places are adjacent to other shapes.  Each shape has it's own color fill.  I am trying to get the edge or seam where the shapes come together to match up and be seamless.  I have not been able to get it perfect so there are always instances of overlap where you can see one shape or the other under the adjacent shape. In the capture below  I'm trying to get the edges of the yellow and green to meet rather than stray away from or undercut the other.  I'm using CC 2015.


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          Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

          You might have better luck copying one shape, pasting it in place (found in the File menu), then modifying the new shape in areas where they don't need to be seamless. You can modify existing paths by keeping the Pen tool active and holding down cmd/ctrl to temporarily access the Direct Selection tool and the option/alt key to temporarily access the Convert Direction Point tool to modify the path to try to get it to align. I truly believe that the copy/past method would be easier though.

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            briand93867544 Level 1

            Thanks Chad.  I guess I was hoping there was some fancy command I didn't know about, but this is getting the job done.

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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              briand93867544 wrote:


              I guess I was hoping there was some fancy command I didn't know about...

              Well there are Pathfinder functions that can help you achieve congruency or puzzle-piece-type fit between objects, but their application tends to be rather scenario-specific, so there isn't much to be said about them in a general sense. You just have to get familiar with how they work and then apply "artistic mind" in finding ways to use them.

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                Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                Illustrator's Shape Builder Tool will accomplish this. Existing paths could be copied and pasted into Illustrator, use tool, and pasted back into Indesign doc.