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    Using a Mac and a disk drive appears twice in the LR Folder Panel


      This question is linked to an earlier thread titled  "When I try to synchonrize my photos in LR after edit in photoshop the files do not go into the specified folder but into Catalog. I can't move them to the specified folder."


      The issue is when I save a photo in PS it does not appear in my original folder in LR. A second disk drive reference appears and the photo edited in PS appears in there on its own.

      How do I get my photos from PS to go to the same folder in LR (without the disk drive appearing twice). I use an external drive and all my photos are downloaded onto that directly.

      In the earlier thread I tried all the points suggested that allowed me to find the file in LR but it is still outstanding regarding how to deal with it.


      Reposting one screen shot that shows what I am referring to - the image is appearing in the passport on top but it should be with all the other images further down.


      I appreciate your help.