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    Caching dissaster

    Victor Wolansky Level 1

      So, up to AE CC 2014 things were kind of OK unless one have multiprocessing ON, which was taken away instead of fixing it...   BRAVO!!!!  


      Now in AE CC2015, having several layers, or only two, it does not matter, if one have a layer that is let's say 10 seconds long in a 30 seconds spot, and you have all cached to RAM, and you make a change to that 10 seconds layer, all the cached to RAM just vanishes, it used to be that only the length of the clip you have selected was what had the cache trashed.....   now for example I have all rendered, and a title that is only 1 second long, I add an effect ot change anything to it, the whole green line is gone....    how so? It comes back after some time if I allow AE to think for a bit, but it is not the way it used to behave. It was much better.  


      Also the cache to RAM nad then play button is gone, not there is only the play, which make the system PLAY with the sound playing back choppy until all is loaded to RAM, they should disable the sound play until the segment is loaded in RAM or bring back the render to RAM button. 


      And what with the huge waste of resources with the lack of multi processing????? 

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          There's a new technique for previewing in AE CC 2015.  You should learn it.


          And Adobe HAD to disable multiprocessing in AE CC 2015 because they're re-writing the basic code, making AE more efficient.  If simply MUST have multiprocessing, use AE CC 2014 to do it.

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            Victor Wolansky Level 1

            Would you mind pointing me where is that technique information?


            Still that does not change the fact that the caging to RAM is not working as it used to. I find myself having to re render all to RAM all the time when in the past only the affected sections where you changed something had to be re rendered. Now is like I just change a title that is 10 frames long and the whole 30 seconds spot cache is trashed. Even if I change the gain of an audio track the whole thing is trashed. That makes no sense.


            I hear you with the most efficient thing. But as now head to head 2014 vs 2015, 2014 is faster. Hope this optimization becomes noticeable soon.


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              Victor Wolansky Level 1

              Never mind. I found it. Still would be cool if a simple change in 1 frame won't kill the whole timeline caching.


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