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    Unexpected behaviour using Wacom tablet with LR6

    Matt Padden



      I’ve just acquired a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium tablet, which I use with Adobe Lightroom to draw masks. During my explorations with it I’ve discovered a situation where the tablet pen does not respond in the way I’d expect.


      First things first:

      Intuos Pro Medium tablet, driver and control panel version 6.3.13w3

      Apple OS X 10.10.5 on a Mac Mini (16GB, 1TB SSD)

      Adobe Lightroom v6.1.1


      My main use for the tablet in Lightroom is to draw and modify adjustment brush masks. Working with a ‘normal’ adjustment brush, Lightroom switches automatically to the Erase brush if I turn the pen over to use its eraser tip, as expected. All good here.


      The odd situation occurs if I use the Graduated Filter tool in Lightroom. Lightroom has recently added the ability to use brushes within the Grad FIlter tool, to selectively add or erase parts of the Grad FIlter’s mask. However, when the Graduated Filter brush mode is selected, Lightroom does not detect the use of the pen’s eraser tip. The eraser tool must be selected manually. Once selected, either end of the pen (drawing or erasing) will operate the selected tool.


      Does anyone else see this behaviour?


      Kind regards,