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    Loading Images from an SD card.


      How do I keep my photos that I load from my SD card from going to IPhoto and not Lightroom?

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Smallbiz,


          Lightroom opens the import dialog box when a memory card is detected.

          You can disable Lightroom to do so.


          Please follow the below steps.


          > Open Lightroom

          > Click on Lightroom > Preferences

          > Go to General Tab

          > Disable the option "Show import dialog when a memory card is detected

          Lr prefs general.PNG

          > Restart Lightroom and check.


          Now Lightroom will not open the import dialog box after connecting a memory card.



          Please let us know if this helps.




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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Launch iPhoto and from the menu bar click:

            iphoto >> Preferences


            Next to Connecting camera Opens change the drop-down menu to "No application"


            Then check the box in LR prefs as indicated by Mrinmay

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              Brad Polt-Jones Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              A better solution is to set Lightroom as the preferred application for downloading from your card. On your Mac, the Image Capture application is the best choice for resetting this preference, it tends to create a more permanent fix.


              Go to your applications folder and open the Image Capture program. If your card is already inserted in the card reader, then you will see its name listed at the top of the left panel under devices. You need to have the card connected in order to see it. Select the card and you will see options appear at the bottom of the left column, if no options are visible than click on the tiny disclosure arrow at the far left corner. From the fly-out list choose Other, select the Lightroom application, and you have now permanently set Lightroom to open when you insert the memory card.

              Image CaptureScreen.png


              You might have to reset this for each new camera, and sometimes each card, to override the default behavior of using iPhoto for important.

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