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    Question about Animating a Mask with Tracker

    colecchi Level 1

      I've searched the manual, forums and across the web - I can't find anything that answers my specific question.


      When animating a mask path using the Tracker I get consistently poor results (poor results especially when compared to using a single track point with motion capture - that seems to have pretty good results).  With my mask path I always have to end up moving mask points frame-by-frame - so I feel like I am missing something - the Tracker tool has to be more accurate, right?


      I have tried duplicating my footage, using the Colorama with a Ramp Grey Output Cycle, crushing the whites and blacks so my main object is clearly defined by super-high contrast - hoping the mask path tracking would become more automatic.  Is this even possible?  There has to be a way to use high contrast to make mask tracking faster and more "automatic", right?


      Can anyone share tips or workflow advise on how I can get a mask path to follow an object more precisely over time using the Tracker analyze buttons - without having to adjust mask points every frame?  What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          If the mask path vertices themselves don't change -- they just move as a group and their relative positions don't change -- copy the mask to a solid.  Find a spot on the video to track.  Apply the track to a null.  Parent the masked solid to the null.  Tweak the solid's anchor point until it's over the portion to be masked, and use it as a track matte.


          But if the mask path vertices themselves DO move relative to one another, that's rotoscoping, and it ain't fun, and it ain't fast.  Look up Rotoscoping Resources for help there.