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    Help diagnose AE/dynamiclinkmanager/QT32 server freeze.




      We are trying to diagnose a problem with our NAS.  The NAS manufacturer isn't helping and said that the problem must be the application.

      Whenever we render from AE directly to the NAS, AE will sometimes freeze halfway through the render.  If we render to the local disk we never experience the problem.

      No other application experiences the issue.


      If we force quit AE, at this point, and try to restart it.  It will not restart (hangs on initialising mediacore).  I discovered that dynamiclinkmanager must also be killed.

      I've run a trace on all 3 processes (After Effects, dynamiclinkmanager and Adobe QT32 Server) they appear to be in a deadlock state, endlessly running the system call __psynch_cvwait


      Can anyone help us diagnose this further? So we can identify if the NAS is at fault.

      Is there any logging we can use or turn on so we can provide something to the NAS manufacturer?

      We are running AE CS6 on OSX 10.8.5 connecting via NFS