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    Plotting maps dynamically?

      I've checked out some of the previous posts on this topic in the Google version of the forums. But, I don't think they address my specific questions. So, I appreciate any additional insight you can provide.

      I want to create a map that reads in marker coordinates from an XML file. I've got the XML import covered and I believe I can address almost every function of the map. But, I'm not sure how to handle plotting the markers (locations where the user will click to get detailed info) on the map. A couple of questions:

      1. Do I plot manually, or is there some sort of mapping software/component/database out there that I can purchase a subscription too, that will help with plotting? If something exists, will it work through a firewall?

      2. Either way, how do I retain plot markers if I allow the user to zoom in on the map?

      3. If nothing exists to help plot map markers, how do you go about (in laymens terms 1st please - step-by-step - no code just yet) plotting dynamically - manually? You know - building your own dynamic marker plotting?

      Thanks for any help. I'm just getting started with this so am looking for high-level info right now. I don't need to dive into the code just yet.