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    Indesign CC 2015 crash when i start illustrator



      i work on a Windows 7 Desktop PC with Indesign and Illustrator CC2015.

      I can work with both programs without any problems but not at the same time.

      When i word in indesign and than start Illustrator, indesign will crash and a failure message appears. Than Indesign shut down. If i restart indesign i cant open the last file, cause it is locked by the .idlf-file. This file can not be deleted cause the OS say, it is in use....


      Failure message:

      The Network Connection for the file \\10.24.xxx.xxx\xxxx\file.indd is interrupted or the file was changed by an other process.


      The datafiles i worked with lay on a server. No one change this files. So why i lose the connection when i start Illustrator?