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    Australia Adobe Apps not compatible with UK/US Apps?


      I moved from the UK to Australia but will at some point be moving back to the UK.  I went to purchase a subscription from Adobe in Australia and because my account was originally set up in the UK it reverted me to the UK website.


      If I pay for Adobe in GBP it will cost me 154 AUD instead of 89 AUD to buy it from directly from Adobe's Store in Australia.


      You cannot update the country in which you live online and have to call the call centre which I did.  They went away for a long time and told me that the Australian Adobe apps are not compatible with UK/US apps as they use Australian English and therefore I should create another Adobe account.


      A) Just because I am based in Australia, why should I be forced to use Australian English and why are the language settings not controllable by the user, not based on where you currently live?


      B) Why does Australian English mean the app I download here is not compatible?


      C) If I set up a new Adobe account all my iCloud data will not be accessible when I move back to the UK and use my other account.


      Can anyone shed any light on this?  Do I really need to create a new account or should I just tell them to change my country in the system?


      Thanks in advance for your help!