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    How to stop higher-level keywords being written to files?


      Newby question!


      I recently bought LR5. After importing my 20-odd thousand images, I ended up with a keyword list that exceeded LR's display limit (1603 keywords?). So I embarked on a major exercise to re-organise everything into into a more rational, hierarchical list.... such as Places>Europe>UK>England>Yorkshire.


      Clearly, tags like 'UK', 'England', 'Yorkshire' are relevant to an image, but 'Places' is more of a convenience for me and I wouldn't want it to be written to the file. However, even though I deselected 'include on export' on the 'Places' tag, when I do Ctrl-S (Save metadata to file), I find that 'Places' is one of the keywords.


      What am I doing wrong?