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    Adding a new Echosign template in Salesforce

    jigart57445384 Level 1



      I have been trying to create a EchoSign template in salesforce. I am searching for this for last two days but couldn't find anything working. Here's the thing that I have to do.


      Adding the Echosign templates that are available to send. Create a button called “New Agreement” that will create the appropriate agreement and insert the appropriate fields from the Contact, Account, and Month & Date. Here's the thing that I know so far.

      * I have to use Merge Mapping to merge field data from salesforce to Echisign Template.

      * Data Mapping is used to store EchoSign data back to Salesforce.

      * I have to add that Merge Mapping record in Merge Mapping lookup in EchoSign Templates.


      The problem is (the one that I am facing right now) that I am adding field (Title) from Contact in Merge Mapping. But that field's value doesn't show up in EchoSign agreement preview. However, when I select Constant as a Source Type in Merge Mapping and add some value, that value is showed in previe. Please help!!