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    Hide topics from Search?

    gthomson_ca-1OTSyt Level 1
      I have some topics that I do not want to appear in a search string when a user initiates a word search from my webhelp project. Is there a way of doing this?

      Some of my topics are additional or supplementary information that are not located in the TOC or Index but can be found when a user performs a search and I don't want this. Any way to hide the topic or assign some kind of conditional tag so that it's not included in the search?
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          robowoman Level 1
          I needed to do a similar thing with my compiled Help and have documented the steps. I haven't tried it with Web Help but assume it could work:

          1. Create the topic.
          2. Select the Project tab and from the File menu, select Import, HTML File.
          3. Right-click on the topic and select Rename. Rename the file extension to.xhtm. Close the Import dialog without importing the topic. The topic (in the list of topics) will now have a cross through the icon as the extension is not .htm but this is OK.
          4. Add the topic to the baggage files.
          5, Use the map file to map the topic to the correct map ID.
          6. Close the RoboHelp project and using Explorer, locate the project’s ali file.
          7. Open the ali file in Notepad. Edit the file extension of the topic to .xhtm and then close the ali file.
          8. Reopen the project, compile and check that the topic is not found by the search.
          Note: It is not possible to open the topic in the WYSIWYG editor when the file extension has been changed. If you wish to edit the topic, you must delete the file from the baggage files, close the project and then use Explorer to change the file extension back to .htm. Open the project and make the changes to the topic. When you have made the changes, you must then follow the procedure above from step 2.

          Hope this helps.
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            MergeThis Level 4
            Just thinking outside the box...

            If it's only "additional or supplementary information," you might think about providing it in PDF format.

            Good luck,