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    What is the best strategy to Update Footnotes for ePub with Indesign ?

    loveAndPeace Level 1

      Hi,  I have created .epubs before.

      The fundamental issue is this. 

      When I export > ePub and view in adobe digital editions, I click on the footnote reference number and nothing happens !


      A couple of days ago this was Not the case.

      i Think the below has something to do with the issue.

      I noticed that in the middle of the ebook, the footnotes were off by one.

      Within Indesign, I manually changed all of the footnote numbers in the footer And this may be the problem but I don't understand why.

      i Believe that I should have been editing the footnote Reference Number within the Content, not the footer.

      questions  ?  Why doesn't it automatically refresh and Fix all of the footnotes.

      i Read somewhere that I may have inadvertently deleted a footnote in the footer but that this did not update the reference number in the Content.


      i have created ebooks in the past successfully - workingfootnotes but I am rusty. Searching online and within Adobetv and youtube, I did not come across this issue or tutorial.  I am on adobe cloud and using Indesign cc 2014.


      i Have gone about creating an ebook 2 different ways and I do not recall why I did it differently or know what the best strategy is.


      Each chapter and each page of the front matter was its Own .indd

      and somehow i ended up combining them into one file.

      Question.  Does this have to do with new > book. Rather than new > document ?


      i Have word documents for each page of front matter and content.

      i Have PLACED them into my Indesign Document.

      i Have Used Paragraph Styes to segment the ePub and to use the chapter headings in my TOC.

      Question on this process ?

      i Want each specific page of the front matter to show up as a new page and each Chapter to start out on a new page.

      i Have used export > options > split document but when I view it in ADE, they appear Not to be New Pages.

      question ?  Which strategy is best ?  Why ?

      i Appreciate the feedback.

      there are a handful of individuals who are still monitoring and replying to this forum (4 years later) and I respect your advice.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Regarding the footnotes numbering issue -

          • You mention you use InDesign's book feature to combine the different chapters into a single EPUB export: For each of these individual documents, check the following: Type > Document Footnote Options. What is the start number set to for each of the documents? Are these all sequentially continuing from the last number of the previous document in the Book? It could be you've skipped a number there maybe?
          • Alternatively by manually changing numbers you might have inadvertently "broken" something. You can't manually highlight the number in the footnote text at the bottom of the page, and then change the number, as that won't update the in-text footnote reference number. So your footnotes would be out.
          • My recommendation in that case I'd recommend that you re-insert the footnotes, using using InDesign's Type > Insert Footnote prior to doing an EPUB export again.

          Regarding splitting the document at certain locations:

          • When you enable Split Document, what other setting have you got enabled?
          • If you use Based on Paragraph Style Export Tag, then check the paragraph style Export Tagging settings in the Paragraph Style Options dialog box. is 'Split Document' option selected? AND in the different chapters and front matter, check which paragraph style is applied to the first line of text in each paragraph that needs to break. Each of these would need to have a paragraph style applied to it that has the 'Split Document' option enabled.