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    Media Player

      Hi all !! i am very much new to Director.. have done some small projects. i need to know is it possible to make media player in director mx ? ( something like windows media player it will have neat looking skin ) i am more of a designer than a coder but i have keen interest in coding. Hope some of u can help me out to give an idea .... or may be reference .... i will look forward for ur kind help..
      thanking you
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          duckets Level 1
          Sure, director has a good range of abilities to play media files, and you can import graphics to act as the interface for controlling the playback.

          You'll need to learn a little programming in order to make your interface buttons control the video, but not a lot!

          You'll also have to provide some method of allowing the user to select which file they want to play, which can be done with the 'fileIO' xtra.

          Good luck!

          - Ben
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            |~aryan~| Level 1
            Thanx alot for that reply... i can do a bit scripting with the buttons to play or stop a media file or go next or previous. my only concern was i want to give the user to option to open media files from the hard drive. and may be they can play random or shuffle... anyway i will try 'fileIO' xtra... if u cangive me a link or reference where i can have a example how media player has done with dreamweaver will be great for me ..
            thx for ur information and time ...

            |~ ArYaN~|
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              duckets Level 1

              A basic unfiltered 'file open' dialogue, using the fileIO xtra which comes with director:

              fileio = xtra("fileio").new()
              selectedFile = fileio.displayOpen()

              (be sure to include the fileio xtra in your projector when you publish!)

              Or for more advanced functionality, check out the 'baGetFilename' function of the buddy api xtra: http://www.mods.com.au/budapi/
              You'll have to install the buddyAPI xtra, then try this example:

              buddy = xtra("budAPI").new()
              selectedFile = baGetFilename( "open", "c:\", "", "Text files|*.txt", 0, "Open a file", false, 100, 100 )

              (be sure to include the buddyAPI xtra in your projector when you publish if you use this!)

              There's loads of options with 'baGetFilename' if you look in the buddy api docs. For example you can filter the contents so it only shows files of a certain range of types.

              hope this helps!

              - Ben
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                Level 7
                On Mon, 04 Dec 2006 10:34:55 GMT, duckets posted in

                > buddy = xtra("budAPI").new()

                FYI, there's no need to instantiate the Buddy API Xtra. Its functions are
                automagically available to Lingo when the Xtra is in place.

                Mark A. Boyd
                Keep-On-Learnin' :)