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    Text frame crashes InDesign


      I have been using InDesign with no problems for over a year, but yesterday when I opened a new project, the program crashed any time i touched the Text button.  I cannot create the frame or anything - as soon as I touch the Text button by clicking on it - Indesign crashes! 


      Double clicking to edit previously made text frames in old files also crashes it as well.  It seems like I cannot touch or do anything with text frames at all.


      I'm not sure how much of the problem people normally post on here but here is the beginning:


      Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

      0   com.adobe.InDesign.Text           0x0000000110594c58 0x110442000 + 1387608

      1   com.adobe.InDesign.Character Panel    0x00000001150c8d7d 0x115084000 + 281981

      2   com.adobe.InDesign.Character Panel    0x00000001150c963f 0x115084000 + 284223

      3   com.adobe.InDesign.Text Panel     0x000000010c554081 0x10c516000 + 254081

      4   com.adobe.InDesign.Text Panel     0x000000010c554007 0x10c516000 + 253959

      5   TextPanelLib.dylib                0x00000001001dbce6 FamilyObserverWithStylesCallBack::OnFont(IPMFont*, IFontGroup*, PMString const&, PMString const&) + 2998

      6   com.adobe.InDesign.Font Manager    0x0000000113455bd3 0x1133f8000 + 383955

      7   com.adobe.InDesign.Font Manager    0x0000000113455576 0x1133f8000 + 382326

      8   com.adobe.InDesign.Font Manager    0x00000001134539e4 0x1133f8000 + 375268

      9   com.adobe.InDesign.Font Manager    0x00000001134167b2 0x1133f8000 + 124850

      10  TextPanelLib.dylib                0x00000001001de359 CFontFamilyObserver::Init(short) + 2361


      I would appreciate any help at all on this matter!