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    Accessible PDF - how to change how a button appears when tabbed onto


      Hello all,

      I am creating an interactive PDF in InDesign, something that I have done a lot in the past so normally I do not have any difficulties

      This one is another story! It has to be accessible. I have managed to work out how to make it accessible...almost!

      My client needs the PDF to be completely accessible with just a keyboard, so no mouse action. I have managed to make the buttons tab-able in a logical order and to make them work. The only thing that I'm struggling with is making the tabbing clear.

      When you tab over a button there appears a thin dotted line (see image). But my client needs it to be more obvious than this and I agree, it's not very clear! I have no idea how to do this.


      Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 16.32.41pm.png

      In Indesign you can set the 'rollover' state but this does not activate when you tab onto the button.


      Can you help me?

      I hope I've given you enough information to be able to help me, I will be extremely grateful if you can!