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    Is there a Master List of FXL Resources?

    yn Level 1

      Title say it all for the most part.

      Mostly I'm finding generic videos and topics related to Fixed Layout creation. I'm looking for something with a bit more meat. Particularly for topics such as text to speech order control in FXL (like general ePub article order), 508 compliance processes, general error msgs and troubleshooting techniques, etc., etc.


      I noticed a post regarding the lack of Android reader support. Things like that would be perfect for a catch-all post for those of us starting out with this format. Or links to any real resources beyond, "this is how you make a button!" I'm finding subscription options for lessons, but at a glance they seem to cover just basic stuff. It seems that FXL is like a footnote in the more broader ePub education courses I've look into too. I keep pulling my hair out over this but really need to stop. My hairline was never that great to begin with .


      For those of you who work regularly in FXL format from InDesign, where did you learn your processes?


      Thanks in advance for any resources that you may be able to share.


      - Noel.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Creating reflowable text ePubs and fixed layout ePubs is not intuitive and it may be best to take a course or read a book on the subject. These two online tutorials are very good and will get you started;




          http://www.lynda.com/InDesign-tutorials/Creating-Fixed-Layout-EPUBs-InDesign-CC/169624-2.h tml

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            yn Level 1



            Thank you for your references. I believe you  had previously suggested a book (I cannot think of the name, nor do I have it with me at the moment) on digital publishing. It was a great source, but ended up being much of what I'm finding---Fixed Width Layout as a smaller reference within a course rather than the course itself. The discussion only goes as deep as say building a dynamic index list within a 3-day InDesign course. It's a great introduction, but not much more. I don't necessarily mean the book itself, just resources in general that I am finding. Frustrating!



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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              Have you looked at the scope of the two online courses I recommended? If they don't cover what you're looking for, can you describe what you're seeking.

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                yn Level 1



                My apologies for taking so long to reply, and again thank you for your responses.


                The tutorials are very good, please do not get me wrong! There are details though that are probably impossible to get into in such a relatively short entry point. Points such as accessibility (508 compliance), controlling text-to-speech reader order in a FXL (or possible work-arounds in that you cannot order elements as with reflowable EPUBs), Kindle access work-arounds, etc., are not all covered in lessons such as these.


                Lynda.com is a great lesson, but is a year old. Has CC2015 not improved any of its FXL features? Has Kindle become more friendly to FXL access?


                Besides needing to find information and discussions on the listed topics, I thought it might be good to know if there was a singular source list of lessons and current topical discussions. If not, perhaps there can be? But even still, those resources would be more helpful if collected one way or another. IMHO.


                I'm rambling. There are 2 purposes to my OP.

                1. Need of direction in that my department has been tasked with converting previous IND tech manuals to FXL EPUB.
                2. To solicit developer experiences and knowledge base for consolidation as a resource guide on these forums---or at least to begin that effort.


                Thanks again for your conversation. Much appreciated.


                - noel.