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    Advice on Setup of new MacPro and Pegasus 2 R4 with Premiere Pro CC


      Hello all:


      I have a new setup and need guidance on best utilization. 



      Processor: MacPro 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

      Memory: 32GB

      Graphics: AMD FirePro D500

      Storage:  1TB internal flash drive

      RAID:  Pegasus 2 R4 configured on RAID 5 - 6TB


      Have used Premiere 5 for many years but new to CC.




      1.  I plan on keeping the OS and Creative Suite CC apps on the MacPro drive and divide up the Premiere tasks to the 4 RAID drives for faster functioning.  In Premiere's Project Settings setup, I don't see the 4 RAID drives listed under the Scratch Disk menu/Custom setting.  How can I get this selected?  Do I need a RAID controller?  (As you can tell I have never had a RAID before.......)


      2.  What is the best distribution effort (Captured Video, Captured Audio, Video Previews, Audio Previews, Project Auto Save, and CC Libraries Downloads) of the various scratch disks in Project Settings?


      3.  How much Memory should I reserve ONLY for Creative Suite programs in Preferences?  I have 32 GB.  This computer is used primarily for Video editing, no other memory hogging programs.


      4.  Any other setup items for best optimization that I am missing?

      I thank you in advance......


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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          if its not already done, you may have to configure/create the raid 5 with the pegasus software. it should show as one device/drive not 4 separate ones. you may want to verify its showing up and working in the pegasus software and mac finder, and then check again in premiere. the raid controller is built into the pegasus 2 R4, so you don't need another.


          i would set premiere's cache and database to the flash drive inside the mac pro and save the project along with scratch files to the pegasus raid 5. if you don't have another backup drive connected regularly to backup the raid and premiere project file, you may want to save a copy of the premiere project file to the flash drive every couple of hours of progress. save the copy as a new file, don't overwrite. if the project file becomes corrupt, you will have all of those different copies to try and find a working version. you may never have a complete failure of the raid 5, but with any storage, you should have a backup copy of the project media and project file somewhere safe just in case.


          i don't use mac so i can't say how much memory BSD wants, i would guess leaving 4-8gb free would be safe.

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            BLecure Level 1

            Many thanks for your time and info!  Great advice!