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    External Proxy - HOW-TO?

      I need some major assistance, I found examples which all seem to be related to Flex 1.0/1.5 by using the flex-config.xml or setting up your own <appnameMXML>-config.xml. I am using the later, I read into the flex-config.xml, didn't see any section that referred to proxy. Anyway I found online snippets of config, I didn't find anything complete, but I did this:


      inside the MyApp-config.xml, the compiler gives me an error that <http-service-proxy> is not a known variable. Is this something that can be done with Flex 2, if not how do I deal with this. I have an external hosted webserver with .php pages that are returning XML, i am using the HTTPService to access, works fine at home, but in the office there is a proxy server - no user/login just proxy IP/Port, the example above is a public proxy, I was hoping to try to test out the functionality. Anyway I have a funny feeling I am going in the wrong direction, I really need some assistance. I cannot believe there isn't more documentation somewhere that addresses the proxy servers and if so I have not found anything.
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          Back up a little. What are you trying to achieve?

          Are you having security issues accessing a server that you do not control, and therefore cannot provide a crossdomain.xml file?

          There is no built-in proxy in 2.0, in fact, no Flex server is required at all. In order for useProxy="true" to be usful, you must have FDS installed, which does provide a proxy service, very similar to 1.5.

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            Yeah... But if you have a proxy-config file with

            <destination id="catalog">

            <destination id="news">
            <url> http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/HomePage.xml</url>

            How do you make sure that the info requested through the NYTimes RSS goes through my companies HTTP firewall and the other call stays local. (I use Tomcat deploy environment, I have tried this by setting the Connector to use proxies with it on and off) Apologies for the question though, I haven't got my head around where the MXML is getting the xml from (is it through Tomcat or is it through its own server).

            Thanks for the help.