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    4.7 upgrade not recognizing 4.6


      This is a shot in the dark, but does anyone know how I can install my 4.7 upgrade if Adobe Application Manager does not recognize my 4.6 as a valid?


      Three days now with Adobe customer support and no answer (I've been passed to a dozen people at four different phone numbers and the last I've heard is they'll call me back on Monday).  My 4.7 trial expires today and I'm getting desperate.


      Background:  When I enter my 4.7 serial number, I'm taken to a screen that says "Serial Number you provided is valid, but a qualifying product could not be found on this computer."  It then asks me for a serial number for "Adobe Flash Builder 4 Standard".  I purchased 4.6 as part of a Master Collection and there seems to be no serial number.  I've reinstalled 4.6 from the Adobe website, but still no luck.

      I never thought it would be so hard to purchase an upgrade.   If anyone knows a way to extend a trial period, that would help immensely.

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          I can understand you... I have the same problem or even worst because I was able to contact Adobe assistance and they said me that my serial numbers 4.5 and upgrade to 4.7 Premium Editon are perfectly compatible and the problem was probably our proxy server that blocked internet check. I asked to our help desk guys to bypass proxy but the problem still remains. Now I am trying to re-contact assistance but without any success!!!!