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    Inserting pages so the master updates the headers to be left or right specific


      I have a book set up with facing pages.  On the left page, the header is aligned left.  On the right page, the header is aligned right.  I put text boxes in the master pages and set them to be a specific style. Then I fill them in with content so they are automatically styled.  I did manually align the left page header (in the master) to left and align the right page header (in the master) to right.  Alignment is not part of the style.


      If I have to insert a page randomly into the document, the headers become flip flopped because they shift over, they don't automatically update and realign to left and right page headers.  I think I'm missing something about how to set this up so it will automatically handle the text boxes on the pages according to whether it's right page or left page.  Help?