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    Redactions not saving




      We have a user that applies many redactions to large pdf documents. The issue he is having is sometimes when he saves and reopens the file the redactions are not saved. At times he gets a message 'The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (23).' which will then attempt to make him save to a different location. According to him if he cancels out and saves again the save works and the redactions go through.


      The files he is working with are on a shared drive but he has had the error working with the files locally as well.


      We have tried to turn off protected mode and disabling the details pane in Windows Explorer.


      If anyone has any idea what could be going on I would appreciate it.


      Here is some information on the PC:


      Windows 7 Enterprise (x64)

      Intel i5-3470

      8.0 GB RAM

      Adobe Acrobat X Pro version 10.0.0