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    Hide topics from Search?

      I have some topics that I do not want to appear in a search string when a user initiates a word search from my webhelp project. Is there a way of doing this?

      Some of my topics are additional or supplementary information that are not located in the TOC or Index but can be found when a user performs a search and I don't want this. Any way to hide the topic or assign some kind of conditional tag so that it's not included in the search?
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          From another post I made some time earlier this year:

          Courtesy of a post elsewhere on this site, I found this TechNote, which explains how to hide such topics from the Search feature in WebHelp:


          In a nutshell, you tag each topic you want to exclude from the search, generate the output so that it excludes the tagged topics, copy a few files in the whdata and whxdata folders to another location, regenerate the output so that all topics are included, and then overwrite those .HTM and .XML files with the files you copied from the whdata and whxdata folders.

          (Whew! Got all that?)

          The upshot is that the final version of the WebHelp project hides certain topics from the search feature but still includes them in the compiled project.

          IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using WebHelp Pro, the steps are quite different! You should publish the ENTIRE project first, and THEN publish the files you want to exclude from the search feature.
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            Hey, that's great. I'm just using Webhelp so these instuctions are just what I need.

            thanks for finding that post and sharing.
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              You're welcome. Good luck!