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    Symbol movement inside a symbol ?


      Hello everyone ! (Sorry for my bad english... I'm French.)

      I'm actually in Adobe Flash Pro CC trial and i have a little problem to progress.


      Here is the deal :


      I have a character "Minion" wish is a symbol. And inside of that there are many layers with others symbol like "Left_Hand, Right_Foot,..." and i want to animate for example "Left_Hand" to do a "Wave movement", that's okay. But when i quit the symbol and return to "Minion" symbol wish is the main symbol. And adding keyframe, the animation "Left_Hand" inside the main symbol is not playing !


      I already did that on CS6 one year ago but i forgot how to do that again. :/


      Can you help me with that ?


      Thanks in advance !

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          Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry I'm not quite sure I understand you but if you animate something inside a symbol and then go back out to the main stage and the animation inside the symbol does not play it is likely that you are using a Movie Clip and not a Graphic symbol which is what you need in order to see anything play live on the timeline. Simply select your symbol on the stage and go to Properties and change the symbol from Movie Clip to Graphic symbol and the animation should now play on the timeline as long as the main timeline's frame range is as long as the animation inside the graphic symbol.

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            You don't say how you are animating these symbols. Are you using Actionscript or are you animating on the timeline of each symbol? If you are using the timeline then you probably want to have a Stop(); in the first frame of the hand and other movieClip symbols. Then to get the animation to run, you will tell that hand movieClip instance to play();. Does any of that sound familiar?

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              Silent_Assasin Level 1

              That work with your tip Asymetrical thanks ! But when i tried with a another character, it doesn't work... Even if i put "Graphics" type for symbol inside the main symbol. I had to remove keyframes and re-add keyframe to work... I don't get it...


              For a another character (again), the animation of symbol inside the main symbol play many time when i test the scene even if in reality it's not the time to play the animation... (Example : Animation play inside symbol at = 125 frames. At the main symbol, no problem. When testing the scene, it play multiple times the animation.)


              Rob : I'm in ActionScript 3.0, but the command you written ( Stop(); ), i never used that...

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                robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                When you create a movieClip and give it no instructions through actionscript, it will play continuously. Just like the main timeline. So to get a movieClip to play on demand, when you want it to play, you need to give it instructions. If you place a Stop(); directive in the first frame of that hand movieClip it will not play, you will only see the first frame. If you want it to play once, on demand, either when the playback head hits a particular frame in the parent movieClip or when there is some user input, you need to add some actionscript. To get that hand movieClip to play when the playback head gets to frame 125 of the main timeline, for instance, place a keyframe at frame 125 and add a line of actionscript that says: movieClipName.play();. Where movieClipName is the actual name of the movieClip instance that you want to play.

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                  Silent_Assasin Level 1

                  Oh okay i get it. And when the type of symbol is "Graphics" it doesn't work the same way ?


                  And for adding the command play();, it's in "Right-click on a keyframe > Down below "Actions"" ?

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                    robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                    Yes and yes. Graphic symbols just play wild, they do have instance names and there is no way to address them with actionscript.

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                      Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      I believe that was meant to read "they do not have instance names".

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                        robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                        Exactly, my not key must have been stuck. Thanks.