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    Preview not responsive for a couple minutes?


      So i have this project i am working on, and the composition itself is responsive, i can go through all the settings, browse effects, ect. but whenever i add an effect or do anything that would effect the preview, it just freezes, the preview box is black and is not responsive, yet everything else is. While the preview box won't load, i can scrub through my timeline and nothing happens. After effects itself is not frozen, just the preview. If i wait 4-10 min the preview will eventually load, and i can preview everything just fine. But as soon as i make any slight change to any effect or layer, it freezes black again and i have to wait the 4-10 min again for it to load what i changed. If I open up a different project file everything works completely fine, its just this one i have problems with.  I have had this before with another project and i had to start over with a new project file because of this.