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    Print- or Book-Module for sales sheets?

    jonathan+7007 Level 1

      I use Lightroom CC on a Win7 64-bit desktop.


      I have a sales opportunity for which I'd like to create pages of images (usually one image each page) with my company name and phone, with my "tagline" also seen on the 8.5 x 11 page. (Some people still want to see "my book". Whaddya know? Olden days but I kinda like it... ) A portfolio showing might call for 25 of these and I'd want to have a consistent "look".


      I want to now which module will work best for creating the templates and printing results: 8.5x11-inch combinations of images and a few lines of text set as display headlines,. Not really "body copy". In previous versions of LR there were ways to lay out some type with one or more photos in a template by using the Indentity Pane within the Print module. (I notice that it is still said by one reviewer that only Macs can force a second line and I see no reference to a PC workaround.)


      Now we have a Book Module, which I have not had a chance to use. At first glance what I want to do is a one-page "book" because the layout tools seem way more flexible.


      Am I correct?


      Thanks, in advance for perspective.