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    More then one H264 codec?

    dpolkat3 Level 1

      Running AE CS6 on a good Win 7 Pro machine. When I'm ready to render and go to the Output Module settings and choose H264 from the Format settings, I get odd color noises in the finished video. However, if I go to the Format Settings and choose QuickTime, then open the Format Options and choose H264, I get very nice looking video! Why? I would assume that H264 is H264, or do these two different approaches bring up two different H264's? And if so, can I get rid of the first version and replace it with the QuickTime version? Where does AE store the codecs? Can someone explain all this to me?  Much thanks!!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE's CoDecs are hard-wired and Quicktime is Quicktime. In fact the H.264 in QT is outdated and should not be used. Whatever issues you have can't be solved that way, but since you have not provided any exact info about your render settings, comp settings, footage and effects used and so on, nobody can tell you much. that aside the general rule is to not render compressed stuff from AE and use intermediate clips that are converted later in Media Encoder.