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    Need VideoDisplay Help

      VideoDisplay component uses a VideoPlayer object, which doesn't seem to exist in Actionscript 3. How can it be used in the VideoDisplay component, and how can I use it? I am writing an app and want to have the ability to play a flv frame by fram, or jsut to a frame and know the current frame. All of this funtionality is provided by the VideoPlayer object, but can't be used in Actionscript 3.

      When I finally figured out that the calss didn't actually exist anymore, I started looking for something else and came across the MovieClip object which provides all the same functionality. Problem is I can't find anyway to load an flv, I tried using Netstream and such, adding to a Video object and trying to add that to the MovieClip but can't seem to make it work. Any Suggestions?
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          jjddjjddjd Level 1
          I've been digging around figured out that the internal VideoPlayer class that the VideoDisplay uses is not the same one as was in ActionScript 2.0, so using it wont even help me.

          I want to be able to move around the video by frames, so I guess the only options now are the MovieClip or doing a mess of stuff in the onFrameEnter event. Any suggestions?