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    nikon d3200 raw

    danu1 Level 1

      I have a problem with raw files from nikon d3200 lightroom - YouTube And photoshop Photoshop - YouTube .Lightroom and photoshop  change my raw files from nikon d3200 .On my old pc with the same files there was no problems.Please someone help my i don't know what to do.

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi danu1,


          Please try calibrating your display and make sure that the color profile that you select is sRGB IEC61966- 2.1 as default and then restart computer and check if it is resolved




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            danu1 Level 1

            My display is calibrated with spyder 4 elite with sRGB color profile.



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              Keith_Reeder Level 4

              Can you describe the problem, please? You probably won't get much help pointing people at YouTube videos.

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                danu1 Level 1

                Lightroom change my pictures ,you can see in this video after loading and before lightroom - YouTube  .This thing is happening since i changed my pc.I don't want lightroom change my raw pictures alone .



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                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  This is normal behavior. After loading, Lightroom first shows you the embedded jpeg image that every raw file has embedded. Then it renders the file from the actual raw data and shows you the actual raw data according to the default settings in Lightroom. This rendering is different from the rendering the camera does to generate the embedded jpeg. What you should do is set the "camera standard" profile for these files in the camera calibration section of Develop. Then store this as the new default (hold alt/option and click the reset button that changes to "Set default...".  The camera matching profiles are meant to match the standard rendering from your camera for different settings. You probably at some point did this on your other computer.

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                    danu1 Level 1

                    Now is similiar with the original raw but that loading is so annoying .At my old pc i didn't have that loading and now i have a much better pc and i must stay at each photo for loading.How i can get rid of it? .

                    Thanks for help