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    HD5500 + CS6



      Is it possible to enable Mercury Engine Hardware mode with a Intel HD5500 GPU and PP CS6?




      I have an Dell XPS13 with i7 5600 CPU (and HD5500 GPU) and Premiere Pro CS6.


      In Premiere Pro the Mercury Engine Software is preselected (and greyed out), so I can't select hardware mode. GPUsniffer.exe doesn't list any GPU devices (but still list the Intel HD5500 as some OpenCL/GL-device). I haven't installed the latest graphic drivers from Intel, but since I´m abroad and on a really slow, expensive and crowded connection that will not be an option for a couple of weeks. Photoshop CS6 seems to recognise the CPU properly.


      My understanding as of know is that CS6 only supports older Intel GPU´s, and Premiere Pro CC recently added hardware support for the Intel HD5000-series.


      1) Are there any possibility to enable Mercury Engine Hardware on CS6?

      2) Will an update to PP CC make it possible to enable hardware mode?

      3) What kind of performance increase would hardware mode bring?

      (Right now I'm speeding up GoPro 1080p clips 10X, and the first few seconds its kind of smooth, but then it quickly turns into a slideshow, would hardware mode change that or is the performance increase only marginal or only applied to rendering?)



      Normally, on a good connection I would just download the Intel Drivers and the Adobe PP CC trial and find out my self, but right now that's unfortunately not an option. So thanks in advance for your help.