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    CF8 / WSDL Changing Casing on Complex Types

    blastbeat Level 1
      Hello, I'm hoping I am not the only one pulling my hair out with this. I did find a forum (not on adobe) which brought this topic up but figured I would post here to get some feedback.

      I had two instance of CF 8 running deployed to my development and staging environments. I noticed a difference between the WSDL between the development and staging and realized staging actually had a more current version of CF on it 8.0.1, where as development had the original CF 8 release with no patches.

      I have a complex data type specified in the WSDL, and on the new 8.0.1 release it is automagically camel casing it. It is showing up as type="Helloworld" even though the CFC is named helloworld.cfc (lowercase).

      I decided to do a diff between the 2 environments just to make sure I wasn't overlooking a code difference, but they are identical.

      This led me to googling for a bit trying to find out if there was a setting in 8.0.1 either in the xml or on the server which turned this off. I found nothing.

      I then thought, oh I can just specify the name and displayname in the <Cfcomponent> tag... nope, that did not work either.

      Adobe, please tell me you did not just decide to upper case all complex data types in WSDL? Help!