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    Can I activate CC on more than two computers at the same time?


      I see Adobe is still allowing only two active computers simultaneously?


      This is a subscription service and, while we are technically downloading the software, we don't really "own" it as it can be "locked" if we go over our activations.  From what I've been seeing in many forums both in and out of Adobe, three computers seems to be the norm from what I'm seeing so I beg the question...


      What is the issue with allowing only TWO active computers being allowed to run the software at any one time?

      And then I presume, logically, there would be an issue if I wanted to use CC on a mobile device as well as my computers?


      With a music subscription service, once I unsubscribe the music disappears and all is well - and I can access it from many devices.  So why is Adobe being so restrictive with PS and LR (and CC access in general)?  It does seem rather odd that if I want to access PS/LR on one machine, LR on the other, and Premiere on a third, I cannot, though there are never more than two instances of any one single software being used, it's THREE subscriptions - but this is yet another issue.


      If this can't get fixed, maybe I should just look at Pixelmator and not have to worry about it.


      Please... give some insight.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the only practicable limitations are:


          1.  you cannot use more than one cc activation at any one instant.  ie, you can only use one computer at a time.  (not much of a limitation, imo.)

          2.  you must sign-out (of your other signed-in computers) before signing-in on a 3rd, 4th etc computer.  again, no significant limitation unless you had no internet access at significant times and for significant periods of time for the computer(s) that you need to sign-in.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            No , you cannot activate on more than two machines at a time.  But you can install on as many as you like and then use the sign in/sign out process to enable the one you currently wish to use.  I don't see how that restricts you. There is also a restriction that you can only be using the subscription on one machine at a time regardless that you can have two enabled for use.  You are not the first to ask why and will not be the last, and you will not be that last to not get an answer from Adobe for this by asking in a public forum.  This is Adobe's policy and it's that simple.


            If you are worried about it, no one is restricting you from freely choosing what software you use, so if another product meets your needs more suitably then you should definitely pursue its use.