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    Can't get LR mobile to Sync - devices upload OK


      As a long time user of LR5 and PS CS6 I finally decided to try the new CC versions, one of the features I liked was LR mobile so that I could view and rate images on my iPad and Android tablet.

      However try as I may I cannot get LR to sync any images. Images from my iPad and tablet appear on lightroom.adobe.com no problem, but I've tried to sync a number of collections and none of them upload anything.


      I have gone into LR Mobile preferences and clicked 'Delete All Data', and also deleted sync.lrdata in my library cache. In LR Mobile preferences it also says 'Upload: None'. I've also logged in and out again, and restarted my Mac.


      I'm running in trial mode, but I presume it's a fully functioning trial.


      Any suggestions most welcome.