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    ColdFusionProhect building with ANT script

    Lakshmikanth S_13

      I am new to coldfsion.I have some doubt in building coldfusion code with ant script to generate a war file


      <target name="war" >

        <echo message="Creating WAR file ..." />


        <war destfile="${distrib.dir}/${warFileName}" webxml="./WEB-INF/web.xml">


        <fileset dir="./src" />


        <fileset dir="./build/src">


        <include name="**/*.jar"/>




        <fileset dir="${distrib.dir}/configfiles"/>




        <echo message="WAR file created." />




      I generated the war file and unzipped the war file and seen that code is just copied in war as like tar file. .Is generated war file right ?


      Is any other way to generate war file for coldfusion code ?


      Please help me on this.