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    Setting up JSFL batch importer for Photoshop files...

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      I'm trying to set up a batch importer for Photoshop files so that Flash has those layers, named correctly, in the main Timeline.

      Provided that I've imported to stage as layers at some point before running the script, it runs just fine.
      However, if I've imported to keyframes, not so much.

      I've done what I could to correct the the situation (moving the keys to their own layers, naming them from their library names, etc).
      But, this would be so much easier if I could locate the dialogue settings for Flash's Photoshop Importer and tweak them before ever running the meaty parts of the script.



      On a MAC, where might I find the file(s) which get altered by the Import Photoshop to Flash dialogue window?


      My plan is to have the JSFL script read through that file and ensure that the settings are set to "Layers" rather than "Keyframe."




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          Since I began looking, I found some files which describe the UI of the Photoshop Import Dialogue Box...


          On a MAC, within the Contents of the app, it's located here:


          The plugin itself contains a plist, an XML file, and an executable file (which is compiled so, I can't get much out of it other than a few file paths).

          Within the XML file (actually a .eve file), the following parameters outline the ui for the popup window in question:

          name: "$$$/IDS_PS_LAYER_CONTROL=Convert layers to:"

          name: "$$$/IDS_PS_IMPORTTYPE_0=Flash layers"

          name: "$$$/IDS_PS_IMPORTTYPE_2=Single Flash layer"

          name: "$$$/IDS_PS_IMPORTTYPE_1=Keyframes"


          BUT-- I have no way of knowing where it stores the data from these prompts.

          I'm beginning to think its buried in some unreadable file...

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            are there any news about this one?

            I also want to import bunch of PSDs into Animate via JSFL preserving the layers from the PSD file avoiding the Import Dialog, but no success so far. I don't know how to change the default import setting of the psd Import dialog.


            Did you manage to find a way ?

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              Nothing native to Flash/Animate.

              I haven't dabbled with this since the Importer dialogue has been updated.

              But, I made decent progress on a process which made use of JSFL's command line access, executing some third party command-line software and importing the layers that way.


              Quite a few extra steps involved. But without access to the settings of the Importer's dialogue window, I wound up having to re-create a lot of already existing functionality.


              But, at least it's reliable and predictable.


              I used ImageMagick to gather information from the PSD's (you need to do this so you can explicitly give the layers position coordinates, etc) and then a second time to import the layers.

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