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    Can't create new keyframe


      No matter what I try, I can't create a new keyframe.


      So I open a new project. I import the video I want to add effects to. Auto keyframing is on. I create a new null object and place it in the position I want it to start in. I check the position stopwatch. I go to the next spot on the timeline and move the null object to the appropriate position. A second keyframe is created just fine and a red line is drawn between the two. I go to the third spot on the timeline and move the null object. But instead of creating a new keyframe, it selects the previous one and EDITS its position value.


      I have watched several after effects tutorials, following step by step, but this issue will not go away. I've also tried turning auto keyframing on and off, but that didn't work either. Even the ctrl-p command doesn't work.


      I seriously have no clue why this is happening, it didn't happen on the first project that I made, although when I went back to that project to compare settings, I found that it had the same problem.


      I'm sorry if this message comes off as grumpy-sounding, it's just that this has been frustrating the living daylights out of me.


      Anyway, any and all help is very much appreciated!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, turn off auto keyframe. It was a nice idea that causes more problems than it solves's for inexperienced users.


          Now, if the keyframe icon or little stopwatch is turned on anytime you move or change a property a keyframe is set. If you turn off the stopwatch all keyframes will be deleted.