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    Why is Lightroom so slow compared to ACDSee?

    Ayapic Level 1

      I've been using ACDSee for photo management and viewing for over a decade now...and I've been doing editing and some management in LR for maybe four or five years.  I would LOVE to do everything in LR, but it's sooooo slow to move from photo to photo and I have a pretty fast computer.


      With ACDSee, I can flip through and view ten photos (RAW, tif, etc.) in the time it takes me to move and love two in Lightroom.  While I understand LR isn't really a viewing program, but more of an editing/management program, I would think that quickly viewing multiple (unedited) images would still be a priority.  If ACDSee can do it, why not LR?


      When I finish shooting, I might dump 500 images into a directory.  If I use ACDSee, I can zip through them quickly and easily delete the ones I know I don't want.  In LR, this is a very long and arduous task.


      I have lots of memory, I'm using SSD drives, etc. 


      Why isn't LR even remotely as fast as ACDSee and is there anything I can do to *dramatically* speed up the process?