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    Can I retain the audio track?


      I gave a talk using Powerpoint slides. I have a video of the talk (mostly of me). I would like to retain the audio track, with some minor editing, but override the video with the jpeg photos from the Powerpoint slides. Can Premiere Elements do this?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Do you have any version of Premiere Elements at the present time? And, what computer operating system is involved?


          What are the properties of the video that you have of the talk...video compression, audio compression, frame size, frame rate, interlaced or progressive, file extension, pixel aspect ratio. If those properties are compatible with Premiere Elements, then


          1. Import the video into a Premiere Elements project

          2. When it is on the Timeline,

          a. if you want to get rid of the video component, then right click the Timeline file, select Delete Video.

          b. edit your audio

          c. export, if appropriate, Publish+Share/Computer/Audio as aac, aiff, mp3, wav file saved to the computer hard drive (assumed Premiere Elements 11, 12, or 13).


          Please supply more details, and we will offer customized how to.


          Any questions or need clarification on the above, please ask.


          Thank you.



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            stilts1939 Level 1

            Thank you. I am pretty much a novice, having only used Widows Movie Maker to edit a few videos. I've used Photoshop Elements for all my photos about ten years.


            I rented a video camera to record the talk. The videos are on my pc in AVCHD (MTS) format. The pc is running Windows 7 Home Premium (debating upgrade to W10)..


            This will probably be the only project I use it for, but I'm willing to buy Premier Elements if it makes sense for this.


            I did not want to get rid of the entire video track; I wanted to keep some of the video of me talking, but override (?) most of the video with the pictures (slides) used in the talk.


            When completed, I'd like to put the talk on both DVD's and on YouTube.


            Thanks for your help.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              There are all sorts of possibilities for coordinating your video and stills.

              a. you could use a Insert in Timetime command in Project Assets to insert a still in a video segment, if that does disturb other Timeline contents.

              b. it is the upper track content that is seen, so if you have a master video on Video 1, any still that you place on an upper track over a segment of the master video will be the only thing seen for the duration of the still.

              c. you can use Opacity to determine what is seen and not seen

              d. and so on.


              With your high definition footage 1080p, you should get good quality YouTube video. Just remember, if you use the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 built in YouTube feature, it has a limit 2.2 GB/15 minutes. When you go over the limit, then you need to export your Timeline to a file and then upload that file to YouTube at the YouTube web site where you apply for an extended time account. You cannot use extended time account in the Premiere Elements built in YouTube feature.


              The matter of burn to DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc brings up the consideration, DVD-VIDEO Widescreen on DVD disc or AVCHD on DVD disc. Although you can produce either of these in Publish+Share/Disc section, AVCHD on DVD cannot be played back on a regular DVD player...it needs a Blu-ray player that supports AVCHD on DVD disc or one of those multimedia players that support AVCHD on DVD. The resolution differences between the two formats and their influences on playback wanted quality needs to be evaluated.


              I see no problems in achieving your project goal using Premiere Elements. However, please look at the free 30 days tryout before purchase to assure the compatibility of the product with your computer environment and project goals. A reminder - when and if purchase time comes around...Adobe is expected to release a new version of the program September October 2015. Right now the tryout is for version 13. Once the new version is released, the new version will be the only one offered for tryout. Adobe has had a policy of offering a complimentary copy of the new version if the previous version was purchased within 30 days of the release of the new product. So, consider you decision making timing accordingly.



              NEW Get started with Premiere Elements 13! | Learn Premiere Elements | Adobe TV


              Please consider. Please let me know me know if I have targeted your questions. If not, please do not hesitate to point to the supplemental information that you still need.


              Thank you.



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                stilts1939 Level 1

                Thank you for your help.


                It’s beginning to dawn on me that maybe I don’t have the processing power to do what I’d hoped with the video and maybe your initial suggestion to delete the video and substitute the stills for the video, retaining the audio is my best bet. I’m assuming that deleting the video significantly reduces the processing power needed, correct?




                Ken Weaver

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Ken Weaver


                  Thanks for the reply.


                  Before making any conclusions, let us go over your computer resources. What is forcing you to the conclusion

                  It’s beginning to dawn on me that maybe I don’t have the processing power to do what I’d hoped with the video


                  If you go with Premiere Elements 13, be aware that it does not support Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OSX 10.7.

                  What is your computer operating system, including 32 or 64 bit, processor, clock speed, installed and available RAM, and available hard drive space?

                  Also refer to Premiere Elements System Requirements

                  System requirements | Adobe Premiere Elements


                  Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Windows is a 64 bit application only when running on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 64 bit.




                  Add On...also, please make sure that you are not eating up computer resources and jeopardizing project performance by importing a lot of stills grossly oversized for the project settings.

                  Premiere Elements 13 as a 64 bit application should put you in a good place computer resource wise generally speaking, but there reaches a limit when still pixel dimensions downsizing before import is a serious consideration.