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    Can I preload and hold flv video?


      I'm working on an app that preloads and then allows playback of long (45-60 minute or more) presentations in a slide-based format. I'm trying to work on integrating video playback, so that if a particular slide has video content, it will just play back when that slide is reached. I'm currently using the Vdieo Object method, attatching a NetStream object to a video object and playing it via ns.play(URL).

      The problem with this is that it takes some time for hte video to start playing back, and I don't want that to be the case. I'd like it if there were someway to download the content of the video in the background, storing the stream on the local machine, and then beginning playback instantly on viewing the slide which contains the video.

      The problem is that there doesn't seem to be any way to 'load' movie content without playing it. It appears from the documentation that one cannot call ns.play() without the net stream object being attached to a video object, and it doesn't appear that there is any way to start playing a video so that it loads, and then pausing it so that it doesn't start to play back until I want it to.

      Any suggestions, or am I trying something entirely too wild here?

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          arunbe Level 1

          You have to only use the Netsream to load the videos dynamically.
          But, for your problem , due to the file size is bigger its getting time to load and as well as start. want to know , where its only start after fully loading the video ???
          And you can also use ns.setBufferTime(0).
          It makes your netstream faster to playBack.