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    Losing luminance on export


      With images that I have adjusted the luminance, I seem to be losing it upon export but all the others settings are staying. Anyone know why this is happening?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What luminance are you referring to? Note that one of the things that might happen is that when you export you might be comparing the image to a much lighter background than Lightroom's fairly dark interface. This often leads to a perception of the image as darker outside of Lightroom. To avoid this effect try changing the background in Lightroom (control-click just outside of the image) to a few different greys to see how your image works on those as well as white and black. The default is medium grey. Also, when you scale down the image upon export, you tend to lose some of the crispness of the image. This especially is true if your image has lots of small detail with large micro contrast. To compensate for this, make sure you apply the appropriate amount of sharpening in the export panel. Usually Screen:standard works well.

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            justing47044762 Level 1

            The luminance I'm referring to is in the noise reduction section. I've tried all types of exports to keep the noise reduction but the don't seem to work. It is not a screen calibration or background issue. It is quite obvious when looking at them.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              AAAH I thought you were referring to luminance in the HSL sliders or using a different word for exposure. Make sure you only touch the luminance noise slider when you are zoomed into 1:1. You can only judge the effect of that slider, especially for very noisy images, when zoomed in or in the small preview. The zoomed out preview in Develop is NOT accurate for the settings in the detail panel. This is done to make sure the Develop module does not become extremely slow. When you go to the Library view you should see the noise change from Develop if you are in Fit view if you have very noisy images. This will not happen when you are zoomed in 1:1. When you are zoomed out, the Library view is more accurate for the detail settings.

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                justing47044762 Level 1

                Thanks mate. I'll try a few different things.