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    Increasing dpi of logo for print - logo vectorised but when made smaller for labels it appears pixelated when photographed.


      Does anyone out there know how to make the dpi of a logo denser in Photoshop or Illustrator? I have gone from 72dpi to 300dpi then to the vast extreme of 1200dpi to no avail.

      No matter how hard I try, converting jpegs to vector and png files, increasing dpi in both ps and ai, when I export as a vector and decrease size it still photographs highly pixelated. Cannot get a smooth edge, even though on screen it looks good. I get that it has to be print based and all my ai png eps pdf files are looking good for web but the printing out is ******. I will also post this on relevant forums but surely out of 300+ people someone might have a fast answer? Ps two colour cmyk and also converted to pantone. Also tried rgb didnt work.