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    Graphic Design Computer Configuration


      I plan to work on Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator,Indesign and Adobe Premiere.Could someone please guide on buying a desktop and also the required configuration.I live in India and my budget is $700-$800 dollars.

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          Brucgovn Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Pro and After Effects system requirements will be good choice :

          System requirements | Adobe Premiere Pro


          If it runs those 2 , you can run almost all the Adobe apps smoothly.


          If you are assembling , make sure the Graphics card  is among of the list of Adobe Certified GPU list .


          I think within RS. 40K , you can assemble great computer configuration .


          Main thing is Go for good motherboard which also supports 4K display and can run even 5'th generation processors that'd be good choice . Also make sure socket number matches the processor pin. ex -1150 , 1155


          Also buy good RAM like Corsair vengeance for example. Neat Graphics card , Good SMPS again I recommend Corsair min 500w is necessary to run motherboard without power shortage.

          Good Cabinet like Tower Cabinets which has more Fans to keep system cool, nowdays they have new thing blue LED fans.


          Make sure Premiere Pro and After Effects System Requirements are met,


          Note : I had given description of top end config , you can also build lesser config  , its upto you

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            Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

            Hi Dee,


            Please see the System requirements | Creative Cloud for the CC apps and it might help you.