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    DNG crops differently in AE than premiere(think pan and scan)

    chrisw44157881 Level 4

      Anyone have this problem or is it just me?


      adobe bug report

      Steps to Reproduce major Bug:

      1. import DNG into AE

      2. import same DNG into Premiere

      3. compare border cropping


      Results: there will be a total mismatch crop. one will crop left, the other will crop

      right. Totally unusable for any VFX work.


      Expected Results:

      that frame borders match up precisely for VFX work.


      other thoughts...

      1. You have to buy matchlight to match the DNG engine import in Premiere to AE's ACE DNG



      import. At least, Adobe owes us a free LUT transform for this major bug so 10,000 ppl

      don't have to buy light illusion matchlight!



      2. wide gamut monitors are useless with dynamic link if they get forced set to rec709.



      3. DNG sequences don't import in dynamic link.