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    Ghost image

      Hi All,

      I have developed a application in Director in which i have used both and flash and jpeg images. In my Main screen i have a Jpeg image as background and above that i have a Flash navigation menu.

      The Problem is when i leave the application idle for some time and working on other application like word or any other application. When i resume to our applictio i could not see any background image, its black and the flash navigation buttons or visible. Why this Ghost image happens.

      Can some one help me on this. Looking forward to Yout reply thanking you all.

      P.Suresh kumar
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          johnAq Level 1
          Are you using Direct To Stage on your Flash?

          Try this code in a movie script (pre-MX2004 syntax), it will foce the stage to redraw when your app comes to the front

          on activateApplication
          (the stage).bgcolor = (the stage).bgcolor


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            Level 7
            Try: the stageColor = the stageColor
            (which in effect tells Director *every* pixel on the stage is "dirty"
            and needs redrawing next update)