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    Text import problems

    Dsotm Level 1
      I have several hundred word documents to be displayed. I am copying and pasting from Word into a field using the same font (Arial). However some of the text is in tables which do not appear in the field but is replaced by a special character - the square □ (hex - 9633 and unicode 25A1). I can live without the tables but the dozens of squares are driving me nuts. Is there any way to prevent or remove this from appearing? Alternatively can the word docs be printed externally from the projector. I am using Printomatic lite

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          duckets Level 1
          Maybe you could write a small lingo routine to go through each text field and remove any characters which fall outside a specific character range?

          It would probably take a long time to execute, but you'd only need to do it once in author time (i.e. not every time the movie runs!).

          Something like the attached code below (which assumes all your cast members are in a cast called 'word docs'). It retains only those characters within the ascii range of 32-126. Put it in a moviescript, then call 'filterDocs()' from the message window. Back up before running it, of course!

          hope this helps!

          - Ben
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            Dsotm Level 1
            Thanks Ben

            I will give the code a try and see if its successfull. In the meantime I think I have found a workaround. The problem with Printomatic is that you can paste a doc to a text field and it all tables/formatting shows fine but you cannot print it (without breaking the doc into multiple pages and other work). If you paste it into a field it rubbishes the formatting but you can print it.
            I have found a free extra (Kazmiprint) that will print the original doc from an external file using Word (If its on the users pc). I can now paste the doc into a text sprite so it views properly and print the doc from the external file. I have put protection on the external docs so they cannot be opened in Word outside of the projector.[
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              James Newton, ACP Level 3
              You can display tables in text members, by using the appropriate RTF tags ( demo movie | tutorial) Director's understanding of RTF tags is different from Word's, so I cannot guarantee that the following will work for you: try saving the Word document in RTF format, then read in the file and set the .rtf property of a text member to the string you read in.