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    Adobe_Ids merged but not acknowledged?


      I have 2 Adobe-Ids. X and Y


      As I happened to DL a book DRMed to account X on my Android-phone, I now can't access it on my computer which has DE 3.01.91394 for Y.


      Oh well, I accessed the page:

      Adobe eBook Platform - Account Synchronization


      And synced both Adobe-Ids.

      When I check on the site they are both active:


      Currently, your following accounts are synchronized:

      Y(AdobeID) X(AdobeID)

      Devices activated with any of the above accounts will be able to display content licensed to any other account in the list.

      If you would like to be able to read content licensed to an account that is not listed, please enter that account information below. Learn More.


      However when I enter DE 3.01.91394, it only showed Y as active and refused to open acsm-links for X stating: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER


      I thus De-autorize DE 3.01.91394 for Y and Re-authorize it as by:

      Deauthorizing and reauthorizing Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 on your computer and your reader | Washington County Coopera…


      Still it only shows Y as active account and no access to X.


      Adobe Chat couldn't help me and referred me to this Forum.


      Anyone have any ideas?