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    Parsing XML in ColdFusion 5

      Hello out there,

      It doesn't look like there is any native way to parse XML in ColdFusion version 5.0. ColdFusion MX makes it easier to work with XML, but unfortunately I am working with a CF5 server on Windows.

      I've gotten to the point of using CFHTTP to retrieve the XML content into a variable, but I don't know the best way to unpack that data into a query or other structure that I can use to feed the rest of the template. I've thought about saving the content to a file and then looping over it, but my gut tells me that this is an inefficient way to do the job.

      I'd like to avoid needing to install any added software, but if that is the only way to process XML in CF5, then I'd be grateful for any recommendations about the best tools to evaluate and/or buy. Or if there is some way to do it in JavaScript, that would be great, too.

      Thanks for any help!