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    How to animate properly...keyframe frustration

    djmattyz Level 1

      ok, when i try to animate some text or an item in after effects,   if i want it make it look natural,


      i wanted to approach the camera very quickly, then break to a halt , go back a small bit before it stops, and then creep forward very slowly....a bit like a car or a real object.


      when i try this , its as if the program is inventing new keyframes in between the keyframes.   its as though after effects says, this object has moved with a lot of velocity therefore it will go way beyond the point of the keyframe, and come back, which produces a very unnaturall "all over the place" look


      what i want , is for the item to behave exactly as i intended, not to do its own thing


      can anyone help please?  thanks

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your animation is behaving as you have asked it to do. You have to learn about keyframe interpolation, using the graph editor, the pencil tool and convert point tool on motion paths and the like. The easiest thing to do to get started is to select all of your keyframes and then go to keyframe interpolation and set them to linear. It takes a while to gain an understanding of how animation, velocity and time relate to each other.


          Some folks like to set the default keyframe interpolation to linear in the preferences panel. It all depends on the kind of motion you are trying to achieve.

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            djmattyz Level 1

            actually i noticed that this problem seemed to be happening when i copied and pasted keyframes....perhaps they are carrying velocity data or something which im unaware of.  deleting them and creating new keyframes from scratch seemed to work for me this time.